Strata is complex and often misunderstood – find out more about what we do, the legislation and strata living at Strata Titles Act 1998.

Strata Titles Act 1998

We make sure you and your purchasers are compliant with your obligation under the Strata Titles Act 1998.
Did you know that a body corporate is automatically established when you register your strata plan? Did you know that you’re required to run the first AGM? And that a secretary, treasurer and chairperson has to be appointed as soon as possible?
We’ll take care of these on your behalf, and we’ll be the first point of contact for your purchasers to help them meet their obligations –
  • We’ll create the common seal
  • We’ll run the AGMs every year
  • We’ll explain to your purchaser their rights and obligations under the by-laws and enforce them if your purchasers have an issue
  • Together with your purchasers, we’ll control, manage and improve the common property
  • We’ll manage the strata insurance – we’re insurance brokers as well
  • We’ll open a bank account and set up a fund for your purchasers to meet their obligations
  • We’ll prepare budgets and issue levies
  • We’ll be the registered mailing address