A well-run body corporate delivers strata living at its best

Strata living offers security, the sharing of resources and best of all, a sense of community. So, we’ve put together a package to make sure your development has it all. We’ll help the body corporate comply with the Strata Titles Act 1998, and we’ll be the first point of contact for anything that comes up, enhancing the well-being of your purchasers or their tenants.
We’ll prepare tailored by-laws to give your purchasers a clear understanding of their rights and obligations. Our by-laws allow pets which are otherwise not permitted without body corporate approval, and they also allow us to conduct business by email. This means we can make decisions as straightaway, without the need for an in-person meeting. It also means that every owner has the opportunity to have their say in every decision made, whether they live locally, interstate or overseas.
We undertake the following on your behalf:
  • prepare tailored by-laws which allow pets, and allow us to conduct business electronically
  • arrange the strata insurance as soon as cover under the builder’s contract works ceases (usually at practical completion and required by the Act)
  • prepare a budget to show your purchasers that strata living is not expensive
  • we’ll provide certificates of currency for the strata insurance for your purchaser so there are no delays
  • liaise with your real estate agent, purchasers and lawyer to answer questions and give guidance
  • run the first AGM while you are sole member of the body corporate to put things in place ready for settlement of the contracts (required by the Act)
  • provide documentation required for settlement of the sales contracts (required by the Act)
For your clients, we’ll be the first point of contact for anything that comes up, and we’ll undertake everything required of them by the Act:
  • Accounting – banking, reconciliations, payment of invoices, collection of levies
  • Insurance – facilitate renewals, endorsements and claims
  • Documentation – keeping and provision of records
  • Annual General Meetings – prepare financials, budget, agendas and minutes
  • Maintenance – obtain quotes and facilitate repairs
  • Guidance/mediation – we are also mediators, which has shaped how we answer questions, liaise between owners with issues to pre-empt disputes
  • Complaints and enforcement of by-laws – notify owners of breaches, escalating where required

Who are we?

Terrace Strata Management Pty Ltd is an innovative, locally owned and operated company and we are setting new benchmarks in the strata management industry. We are paperless and conduct much of our business electronically, catering to our time poor clients, and giving every owner the opportunity to have their say in every decision we make whether they live locally, interstate or internationally.
We specialise in setting up bodies corporate ready for purchasers, making strata title units more saleable. We focus on working with our developers to create a harmonious culture from the outset, with an efficient and effective body corporate to enhance the wellbeing and lifestyles of our clients.  We recognise that the culture of any organisation underpins its success and the experience of those who form part of it.
We are insurance brokers too. Our managing director, Sally Bevis, has been an insurance broker for 25 years, specialising in claims management and strata insurance.  It was the difficulties that she faced as a broker with unmanaged bodies corporate that led to her starting Terrace in 2012.
We’ll instil our values and ethos into your body corporate to deliver the best in strata living – harmony, community and trust.

Our annual management fee covers the costs of these activities:

We love what we do.

We are very passionate about sharing knowledge to give our clients a better understanding of strata living. Terrace was founded to set up effective, well managed bodies corporate to optimise the strata living experience and to avoid disputes. We think knowledge is power, and we are all about empowering our clients.

Our team

We pride ourselves on being your one point of contact for anything to do with your body corporate – if we can’t help, we’ll find someone who can. We’re committed to managing your body corporate in compliance with the Strata Titles Act 1998 and to benchmark the best practices in the industry so that you can focus what you do best.
Our backgrounds give us holistic expertise to effectively manage your development. 
Sally Bevis – Managing Director, Strata Manager and Insurance Broker
Our founder and managing director has 25+ years’ experience in strata insurance and dispute resolution. Sally’s personality and professional experience have shaped the culture and values at Terrace Strata Management, building and nurturing relationships based on transparency and trust.
Kate Graham – Strata Manager
Kate has 10+ years’ experience in the construction and property management industries and a qualification in Business & Administration.  Her expertise combined with her excellent customer service ensures that all body corporate matters are dealt with in accordance with the legislation and with the minimum of fuss.
Naylla Amadio – Strata Manager
Naylla worked in traditional strata management companies in Sydney, where she provided services for strata schemes, BMCs, Company Titles and Community Associations. Her knowledge of one of the most comprehensive strata legislation in Australia – the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (NSW) ensures that we use the best practices within the national industry, whilst complying with Tasmania’s Strata Titles Act 1998. Naylla holds a Master in Marketing and she is passionate about customer service.