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What do we offer?

We provide a wide range of strata title services from running AGMs, collecting fees, managing accounts & paying bills, arranging insurance and helping you deal with maintenance issues.

Our strata managers pride themselves on being one point of contact for anything to do with your property – if we can’t help, we’ll find someone who can. We build relationships based on trust, with you and with people you might need at some point.

Our hands on claims management – we don’t want you to have to reinvent the wheel if you have a claim. Let us get it done for you with the least fuss possible.

Our clear understanding of the Strata Titles Act 1998 from the ground up.

Our board of directors come from a background of insurance, mediation and surveying. We also have strong relationships with builders, plumbers, electricians, safety auditors and insurance valuation specialists.

Being mediators, we can help out if ever a dispute does arise.

Our annual management fee covers the costs of these activities:

  • Setting up the bank account
  • Assisting with development of a budget
  • Keeping the financial records
  • Preparing annual financial statements of income & expenditure
  • Issuing notices for fees
  • Paying invoices and insurance premiums
  • Reconciling the bank account
  • Arranging the strata insurance through a professional insurance broker
  • Arranging an insurance valuation to ascertain the full reinstatement value of your development
  • Lodging and managing insurance claims
  • Providing certificates of currency upon request
  • Maintaining the roll of owners
  • Maintaining the Register of the Body Corporate
  • Recording of all correspondence
  • Preparing and supervising the use of the common seal
  • Keeping of records including minutes, budgets etc.
Annual General Meetings
  • Convening, attending and chairing the AGM
  • Submitting a budget for consideration of the Body Corporate
  • Recording and distributing the minutes
  • Reporting our activities at the AGM
Maintenance & Guidance
  • Arranging minor maintenance (up to $1,000) or repairs of body corporate property
  • Assisting the body corporate in carrying out its obligations and in its decision making
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